We are pleased to inform you today as our customer that the manufacturer Sanapur – known by its slogan “Recommended by physiotherapists” – has reacted to the COVID 19 pandemic situation with its Original Pillow 4.0 and has created a scientifically* sound solution with “Viroclean”, how viruses can be eliminated faster and how you as a Sanapur pillow customer can also stay healthy while sleeping.

Viroclean – a very brief scientific explanation of how it works:

The innovative finishing additive “Viroclean”, which has been proven to efficiently reduce virus activity, is incorporated into the textile PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover (inside the pillow).
The active component in the “Viroclean” finishing additive targets enveloped viruses, such as SARS-COV-2 (the coronavirus), Influenza H1N1, as well as germs, bacteria and fungi, and has already been proven several years ago in a Viroclean* research project focusing on the “production of medical protective equipment”.
Recent studies by Viroclean* have shown that viral activity decreases as a function of time: The half-life of a virus activity in textiles is +/- 4 hours. A textile treated with a finishing additive shows a reduction in the activity of enveloped viruses after only 2 hours. This reduction can reach up to 97% depending on the type of fabric.

BI-OME® technology with antimicrobial substances

The manufacturer Sanapur is experienced with antimicrobial technologies. The Sanapur Original pillowcase is hygienic, easy to clean and durable. It is made of micro-tencel, which naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and distributes moisture better on the surface. Removing perspiration increases personal sleeping comfort – the pillow and head stay drier. The fabric of the pillowcase outside has been produced with the trend-setting BI-OME technology for years. With its antimicrobial substances, this ensures that microorganisms are effectively combated. This coating is 100% biological and absolutely harmless to humans and the environment. The cover can be washed at 60 degrees, the antimicrobial protection remains.

Sanapur Viroclean and BI-OME® – 2 strong hygiene solutions for health during sleep – even in uncertain times

Sanapur Viroclean

The PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover of the Sanapur Original pillow 4.0 with innovative “Viroclean” refinement additive reduces the risk of infection during sleep.


  • not harmful to health, so humans and the environment remain unaffected
  • no skin irritation, suitable for allergy sufferers
  • does not wash out and remains active throughout its lifetime
  • odourless
  • a sustainable, non-metallic, non-leaching and recyclable technology

Sanapur BI-OME®

The Sanapur Original pillowcase with BI-OME® refinement ensures efficient hygiene and a healthy sleeping environment and has been used for over 2 years.


  • long-lasting freshness and suitable for allergy sufferers
  • cannot be washed out and remains active throughout its lifetime
  • eliminates all types of micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, fungi)
  • Eliminates the fungi on which dust mites feed, thus ensuring an anti-allergic effect
  • Non-migratory and non-harmful to humans and the environment.



RESULTS FOR QUALITY CONTROL FOR ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES (ASTM E-2149)Microbiological analysis after 1 hour: 98.43% reduction RESULTS FOR QUALITY CONTROL FOR VIRUS REDUCING PROPERTIES (ISO 18184)Viral reduction after 2 hours contact time 86.62% reductionTests are performed by external IAC certified laboratories (MSL (UK)).


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