A bed with storage space creates an enormous amount of space in the bedroom. Pull-out bed drawers or even floating drawers allow bed linen, blankets and pillows to disappear elegantly and invisibly under the mattress. A MUST for order lovers and purists.

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The bed is a place for rest and relaxation – if it is equipped with a bed base or drawers under the bed frame, it is also a practical and unobtrusive storage space in the bedroom. Bed linen, pillows, blankets and anything else for which there is no space in the wardrobe disappear under the mattress in no time at all.

For beds with a bed base, access is usually via the slatted frame – for drawers via the side or also from the footboard, depending on what storage space you need. The drawers can be chosen flexibly in terms of height and width so that the perfect frame is provided for everything that needs to be stowed away. With a storage bed, you make perfect use of the available space and can store many things that you only need from time to time.

Our strong brands and high-quality manufacturers in the area of functional beds: Hasena, Dico, M&H