Slatted frames

Only the interaction of mattress and slatted frame ensures a perfect sleeping experience and more back health.

The mattress needs air to breathe and support in important body zones. The distance between the slat base and the floor allows air to circulate – and the adjustable slats, plates or wings ensure balanced comfort and healthy lying. High-quality slats – also called slatted frames – are adjustable several times in the pelvis, shoulder and lordosis, some even with a small motor via a remote control.

Our quality slats consist of a stable frame on which the slat, plate or wing construction rests. In our assortment we also have box spring bases, which can be integrated into most conventional beds and offer the incomparable box spring sleeping feeling.

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Slatted base

They support the mattress in its ergonomic properties – especially spring mattresses. A solid frame, slats made of beech wood and flexibly mounted plastic caps provide stability and relief.

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Plate springing

Disc springs provide precise relief – this is ensured by individually mounted discs made of wood, plastic or fiberglass. Particularly suitable for foam mattresses and people who like to lie softer.

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Wing springing

Modern wing springs offer the highest level of comfort. The wings follow every sleeping movement, can be precisely adapted and adjusted to the different body zones. Ideal for foam or latex mattresses.


Boxspring base

This alternative for box spring sleeping feeling consists of a sturdy wooden frame, springing – for example, from pocket springs – and a softly upholstered cover made of cozy fabric in your desired color.

Auping smart – original metal beds
Design in ten colors, with Auping Connect App

A smart, minimalist bed with clean lines and an elegant look.

Natural and conscious sleep with

vegan blanket and pillow

The Sanapur Original cushion 4.0

with active “Viroclean” virus protection

The innovative finishing additive “Viroclean”, which has been proven to efficiently reduce viral activity, is incorporated into the textile PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover.