GRETA – Vegan duvet for natural and conscious sleeping.

Kapok is not called the “plant down” for nothing. The diverse properties of kapok have been appreciated for over 100 years. Kapok fibre is one of the lightest natural fibres in the world due to its high air retention. Similar to down, kapok has excellent heat retention and moisture management properties. In addition, the silky plant hairs have a natural bitter substance that has a mite-repellent effect, which benefits allergy sufferers.

For our GRETA kapok blanket, we use only wild-growing and fine natural fibres from the tropical kapok tree. These are grown without fertilisers and are also processed without chemical treatment. Our GRETA duvet is as light as a feather and the addition of cotton makes it particularly soft to the touch. In summer GRETA is perceived as cooling and in winter as warming, which makes it a perfect year-round duvet.

Filling: Kapok cotton (50% cotton / 50% kapok fibre)
Cover: Fine fibre batiste (100% cotton)
Conversion: 90 degree corner finish, binding tape, addition of sleeping goggles
Warmth classes: Light, Medium, Warm, Warm plus with comfort foot zone
Care: Regular airing, short daily shaking,
Washable at 40 degrees

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GRIT – The vegan pillow for allergy sufferers

The GRIT pillow is ideal for the summer or for sleepers who sweat heavily on the head, because it is only moderately warm. In addition, GRIT is ideal for allergy sufferers due to the bitter substance contained in kapok, which has an antibacterial effect. GRIT has a firm supportive comfort and supports the sensitive neck area. Filling can be removed from or added to the inner cushion, so that the support comfort can be individually adjusted.

Filling: 100% kapok
Filling weight: 500g
Supporting comfort: medium-firm
Cover: 100% cotton with padded quilted cover

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THE MANUFACTURER: OBB – Oberbadische Bettfedernfabrik

OBB Oberbadische Bettfedernfabrik GmbH from Lörrach has been manufacturing high-quality bedding – duvets, pillows and mattress pads, made in Germany for over 70 years – in the middle of the beautiful natural landscape of the southern Black Forest for almost 120 years as one of the last fully integrated bed spring factories in Germany.

On 17,000 square metres of production area, all production steps take place that are necessary from the receipt of goods to the finished product. Our laboratory, which is certified by the Association of the European Bed Feather & Bedding Industry, guarantees that we ourselves can continuously check our high quality standards as far as fabrics and filling materials are concerned.

“BLACK FOREST” quality guarantee

In our “BLACK FOREST” collection – exclusive luxury bedding for “sleeping really well” – we combine the highest quality with the most beautiful comfort as well as elegant and particularly sophisticated design.

A perfect symbiosis of noble filling materials and luxurious cover fabrics as well as individual and functional extras, such as a body zone quilting, elegant corner finishing, comfort foot zone and decorative seams. All duvets and pillows are “Made in the Black Forest” and combine tradition, aesthetics and quality into a stylish ensemble.

Depending on personal needs and preferences, there is a choice of filling materials: down, fibre, kapok, camel hair fluff and cashmere. Only the finest cotton fabrics are used, produced exclusively in Germany.

The materials used are strictly tested for harmful substances. All down and feathers are exclusively new, class 1 according to DIN EN 12934 and are guaranteed not to come from animals that have been plucked alive. We only use raw materials from well-maintained and animal-friendly farms that consistently refrain from live plucking and stuffing. This is what the zero-tolerance standard DOWNPASS stands for.

Our production processes are ecologically controlled and environmentally friendly, sustainability and social responsibility are a matter of course for us.

  • We obtain the water for our washing processes from our own deep well.
  • The power supply is ensured by our in-house combined heat and power plant.
  • Our products are manufactured with the utmost care in studio production and are strictly controlled before delivery.
  • All products are exclusively reserved for the specialist and furniture trade.