Newest models from Velda and Auping

The lying comfort and the design of a box spring bed can hardly be compared. The bed height allows you to lie down and get up comfortably.

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Sleep like on clouds – with our boxspring beds and toppers. Clear shapes in many textile variants – whether Belgian, Dutch or American style – a high or even a flat box spring bed – in a homely design and the matching mattress, every wish is fulfilled.

Many people know box spring beds from luxurious hotels and have spent relaxing nights in them. So why not sleep just as well at home as on holiday? With a box spring bed, you can bring this sleeping experience into your own bedroom.

When it comes to boxspring beds, we focus on “Scandinavian boxspring beds” for your comfort, which, unlike “American boxspring beds”, are equipped with a topper – i.e. an additional mattress pad.

Even though designs, sizes, versions, etc. differ greatly among the individual manufacturers and models, the structure is the same for all box spring beds. A box spring bed consists of several components:

An upholstered box made of springs with a supporting base made of metal or wood. The box determines the overall look of the box spring bed.
A mattress that adapts to your sleeping habits, demands and needs and supports your body – from pocket springs to cold foam.
A topper that is gentle on the mattress, increases adaptability and softness, is easy to clean, and provides a uniform lying surface for two individual mattresses.
A headboard and feet that give the box spring bed the visual finishing touch.

With a box spring bed, you are opting for clear design, maximum sleeping comfort and a dreamy sleeping experience for a long time. Our configurator will help you make the right choice.

Our strong brands and high-quality manufacturers in the box spring bed sector:

Auping, Hasena, Veldeman Bedding