Surround yourself in sleep with selected quality goods – with our pillows, blankets and overlays quite simply even better sleep.

Pillows, blankets and overlays each consist of two important components: A cover made of skin-friendly, soft and pleasant fabrics and an interior made of well thought-out, proven materials. Pillows, blankets and overlays complete the sleeping system and reinforce the health-promoting effect of the matching mattress.

An ergonomic pillow supports the cervical spine during sleep and ensures a relaxed neck area. Neck support pillows help back as well as side and stomach sleepers to sleep healthier – without any tension or headaches. A high-quality blanket envelops the whole body and is both heat and moisture regulating. We offer down comforters, blankets made of natural fibers, synthetic fibers and natural hair blankets. A topper not only protects the mattress, it makes the bed even more cozy and soft, provides even better heat and moisture balance and contributes to hygiene, as it is easier to clean than the entire mattress.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The ergonomically correct positioning of the head during sleep is enormously important for the cervical spine – and for relaxed sleep. An appropriate pillow for back, side or stomach sleepers ensures this.

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Some like to sleep warm – others cool. The right blanket ensures the perfect individual sleeping temperature, regulates moisture and should be one thing above all: cuddly and snug.

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Sleep comfort and protection for the mattress. The high point elasticity of the material distributes the pressure and provides a soft and comfortable lying. Sweat and other liquids can not penetrate into the mattress.

Auping smart – original metal beds
Design in ten colors, with Auping Connect App

A smart, minimalist bed with clean lines and an elegant look.

Natural and conscious sleep with

vegan blanket and pillow

The Sanapur Original cushion 4.0

with active “Viroclean” virus protection

The innovative finishing additive “Viroclean”, which has been proven to efficiently reduce viral activity, is incorporated into the textile PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover.