Sanapur Original Pillow 4.0 CLIMA is recommended for back and side sleepers. Made of naturally soft latex with perfect moisture and heat regulation. Its soft permanently elastic properties offer a balance between pressure relief and support function and have been proven to efficiently reduce viral activity with “Viroclean”. Recommended if you tend to sweat more or you prefer constant height stability.

Sanapur Original Pillow 4.0 CLIMA

Sanapur Viroclean

The PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover of the Sanapur Original pillow 4.0 with innovative refinement additive “Viroclean” (scientifically proven *) reduces the risk of infection during sleep.


not harmful to health, so people and the environment remain unaffected
no skin irritation, suitable for allergy sufferers
does not wash out and remains active throughout its lifetime
a sustainable, non-metallic, non-leaching and recyclable technology


RESULTS FOR QUALITY CONTROL FOR ANTI-BACTERIAL PROPERTIES (ASTM E-2149)Microbiological analysis after 1 hour: 98.43% reduction RESULTS FOR QUALITY CONTROL FOR VIRUS-REDUCING PROPERTIES (ISO 18184)Viral reduction after 2 hours contact time 86.62% reductionTests are performed by external IAC-certified laboratories (MSL (UK)).


500x360x115 mm

Height adjustable in 4 positions by means of 2 insertion plates:

Heights: 115/97/88/70 mm – core 70 mm / 1 plate 18 mm / 1 plate 27 mm

Sanapur guide:

For back and side sleepers.

First adjust the pillow to your preferred height.

Recommended by physiotherapists!

Physiotherapists recommend the SANAPUR Original pillow to maintain the therapy effect beyond the treatment period.

The SANAPUR Original pillow helps you with:
Disorders of the cervical and upper thoracic spine,
muscular tension in the neck and shoulder area,
shoulder joint problems,
tension-related headaches, etc.
This is how the original pillow helps you:
The funnel-shaped depression in the centre of the pillow stabilises and supports the head in the natural axis of the spine.
The side recesses allow comfortable shoulder positioning in the side position. In the supine position, the trapezius muscle can develop optimally.
The hole in the middle prevents the ear canal from closing in the lateral position (no overpressure).
The neck recesses allow a gentle positioning of the neck and ensure perfect blood circulation to the head
Ergonomics Institute Munich (EIM)

Over the past decades, the renowned Ergonomie Institut München (Munich Ergonomics Institute) has developed into a world-wide recognised institution. The two SANAPUR Original pillows CLIMA and MED have been subjected to thorough scientific ergonomic and microclimate testing. Both the SANAPUR Original CLIMA pillow and the SANAPUR Original MED pillow have been awarded top marks.

Material pillow core: 100% Puracell© Talalay Latex

CLIMA – Natural soft latex with perfect moisture and heat regulation. Its soft permanently elastic properties offer a good balance between pressure relief and support function.

Recommended if:

You have a tendency to become heavier
you prefer constant height stability.

Material Cover: Puracell© MicroTencel Cosy Soft

This fabric is a novelty in the pillow sector. The super fluffy, soft cover is skin-friendly and extremely breathable.

Lyocell Micro-TENCEL® with eucalyptus content
Ökotex Standard 100 class 1 (baby class)
Anti-pilling finish (reduces pilling)

69.5% polyester

28% MicroTENCEL®

2.5% elastane

Antimicrobial finish: BI-OME

Care instructions:

Wash cover only!

Cover washable up to 60°C.

Allow latex cushion to air on edge.

Scope of delivery:

Sanapur pillow with insert plates and cover.

Sanapur travel bag: 100% polyester Instructions for use.


Dimension: 390x190x170 mm Weight: 1.3 Kg