Give the gift of healthy and ergonomic sleep – with “my7”.

The my7 pillow by Theraline is unique – it not only supports the neck and shoulder area, but also offers perfect leg support for side sleepers thanks to its XXL size and well thought-out shape. It keeps the body and spine side in balance and cushions the knees. The leg rest serves as knee cushioning, the headrest supports the chest and relieves breathing. All this contributes to restful, healthy sleep in the side position, avoids the prone position – which many doctors are critical of – and even reduces snoring.

Aufbau my7 SeitenschläferkissenSpecial features of the my7 pillow from Theraline:

  • Two-zone filling with micro-beads and THERA-RHOMB® for perfect moulding to the body
  • Soft fleece padding and stable support for cosiness and comfort
  • Extra long and with integrated pillow
  • Soft, but not yielding leg support
  • Supports and relieves spine, hip and pelvic area
  • Serves as knee padding, supports the chest, relieves respiratory pressure
  • Easy to clean due to removable cushion cover
  • Cushion and cover are washable at 60° C
  • Available in twelve colours and attractive designs
  • Outer dimensions: approx. 150 cm x 80 cm (height x width)
  • Cover made of 100% high-quality cotton with 100% polyester fleece filling

The my7 pillow combines the advantages of several pillows in one special form.

It is a pleasantly supporting pillow that relieves the neck and shoulder area and at the same time offers perfect leg support. This keeps the body and spine in balance and cushions the knees at the same time.

The sum of the positive factors promotes restful sleep in the side position and the prone position, which many doctors advise against, can be avoided more easily.

Microbeads, Thera-Rhomb® & fleece padding

my7 uses the decades of experience of Europe’s largest nursing pillow manufacturer Theraline. In my7, Theraline combines the strengths of three different filling materials to create a new, unique sleeping comfort in the anatomically advantageous seven shape.

There are many sleeping pillows that are soft and cuddly, but they are often far too soft and weakly filled. As a result, legs and knees are usually no longer adequately supported after a short time – the body loses its balance.

Many pillows with fillings of natural husks or larger polystyrene beads are very stable, but rustle far too much for most tired spirits and are quite hard to sleep on. Thanks to a unique pillow design, my7 manages to avoid exactly these weak points.

By the way: the my7 pillow is also ideal as a pregnancy pillow thanks to its special shape and design!

We hope you enjoy giving the gift of health! Of course, you can also give yourself a little treat …

Our large selection of products and designs from our my7 cushion range – with 15 beautiful colours – made of a soft, double-woven cover made of cotton jersey is waiting for you. Please also ask for replacement covers or our slipcovers without fleece insert (easier to remove and even more comfortable to care for due to the non-existent fleece layer and does not need to be washed or dried as often).

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