Extensive information on healthier sleep and better life

It is finally here – the new information brochure from Sanapur. On 20 attractively designed pages, customers receive a well-founded, in-depth and, above all, comprehensibly formulated insight into healthier sleep. For the specialised bed trade and recommendation partners from the health and medical sectors, this brochure is the perfect instrument not only to present Sanapur’s product range, but also to clearly illustrate the entire topic of “healthy sleep”.

The aspiration of Ludwig Dehottay, Managing Director Marketing & Sales at Sanapur – who wanted to combine a wealth of detailed information, application examples and benefits with this brochure for the bed trade to pass on to customers immediately – was fully met. The result is a brochure in magazine form that has not been available on the market in this form before.

“With our sleep magazine, the sleep consultant in the bed specialist shop is able to take over a lot of top information directly for the customer conversation. As we know, customers can only mentally take a fraction of the comprehensive product information from the consultation. With our brochure, they can take all the information home and conveniently re-read it as often as they like.”
Ludwig Dehottay

The advantages of the brochure at a glance

Conveying important knowledge in a simple way – that is the guiding principle of our brochure. It is intended to invite customers to quickly browse, skim, read or watch a video (easily possible via the QR codes). Above all, however, it should convey Sanapur’s holistic concept for noticeable relief of the joints and ergonomically correct positioning during sleep in such a way that the reader develops his or her own, lasting awareness of healthy sleeping. The brochure clearly conveys that Sanapur products are all about healthy sleep – without neglecting the high standards of quality, functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

One of the strongest selling points for Sanapur products lies in their special credibility, as medical experts stand behind the products. For example, “Recommended by physiotherapists” expresses the special advantages quite clearly. The confirmation that the Sanapur Original CLIMA and MED pillows have been thoroughly tested by the renowned Ergonomics Institute Munich (EIM), convincing them with top marks and classifying them as being of particularly high ergonomic and functional quality, also underlines the high product quality.

Each product area in the brochure is clearly structured and can be quickly grasped: Short texts, pictures with informative captions and “Important / Advantages / Highlights” are particularly highlighted.

The first section covers Sanapur mattresses and the unique construction for maximum sleeping comfort. The precise presentation and explanation of the four body zones with the three different comfort variants and the resulting lying sensations inform and convince. A unique feature is Sanapur’s optional design variation with a seat edge – for safe standing up.

The second large area is dedicated to Sanapur’s two pillow models – for good reason. The therapeutic Sanapur Original pillow (with hole) is recommended daily to patients by physiotherapists throughout Germany, is the 2018 comparison winner among the best back sleeper pillows and the bestseller in the bedding trade. The ergonomic Sanapur Universal pillow is the perfect complement and focuses on prevention to offer the right pillow for healthy sleep for every customer.

Sanapur relies on the highest standards of hygiene for pillows and mattresses – especially in times of Corona to provide a good and safe feeling.

In our pillows, the Cosy Soft cover of the Sanapur Original pillow with innovative “Viroclean” refinement additive reduces the risk of infection during sleep. The Sanapur Original pillowcase with BIOME® refinement ensures efficient hygiene (prevents the emergence of mites) and a healthy sleeping environment.

In our mattresses, Hydrofast® Cool Comfort ensures that secreted body moisture is very quickly wicked away from the body. Hydrofast® Cool Comfort is a hydrophilic finishing technology (coating) for fabrics. Purotex reduces allergens as an active probiotic protection.

For each of the innovative and scientifically based finishing structures, the brochure has an extensive list of benefits that will delight every user.

In combination with the Sanapur mattress and the Sanapur pillows, the Sanapur slatted frame (slatted base) completes the ideal sleeping experience by providing perfect relief and support as well as a variety of adjustment options to suit anatomical requirements as the third area in the brochure. The customer will find information about sensitive areas in terms of dimensions, available firmnesses and the choice of different adjustment options and lying sensations. In addition, we provide information about all accessories.

All product areas can be called up with informative product videos from Sanapur during the consultation in an exciting and tangible way via QR codes.

With currently almost 200 real customer reviews on the website and around 60 real video reviews from enthusiastic customers who report on several weeks of testing sleeping with Sanapur products, the interested customer can get a precise picture – both during the consultation in the specialised bed retailer and privately at home. All testimonials can be easily accessed via the QR codes in the brochure.

The brochure is the entry point to Sanapur. Further information is available at sanapur.de.
On the YouTube channel “Sanapur-TV” you will find a total of 11 videos on mattresses, pillows and slat bases.

Just take a look – you will be thrilled!