Upholstered beds

Individually composable from different fabrics and colors – just as you like. Upholstered beds create a warm atmosphere and can also be configured in conjunction with a box spring system.

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Upholstered beds bring a feel-good atmosphere to your bedroom. They captivate with the warmth of the fabric covers, skillfully blend in with the rest of the room in terms of color – or set colorful accents in the furnishings. You can put together the bed of your dreams from over 50 different fabrics, trendy colors and an extensive range of headboards, as well as complement it with matching occasional furniture.

Upholstered beds can be configured with a classic slatted frame and mattresses, as well as expanded in combination with boxspring-inside sleeping systems as an alternative to a classic boxspring bed. Since hygiene and care play a major role, especially in the sleeping area, you have the advantages between washable and removable upholstered bed covers. With most upholstered beds, you have the option of setting the frame height individually – in conjunction with the corresponding support slats, therefore, also the desired sitting height for comfortable standing up. We have a configurator where you can put together your dream bed.

Our strong brands and high-quality manufacturers in the field of upholstered beds:

Auping, Dico Furniture, Hasena, RE Beds, Veldeman Bedding.

Auping smart – original metal beds
Design in ten colors, with Auping Connect App

A smart, minimalist bed with clean lines and an elegant look.

Natural and conscious sleep with

vegan blanket and pillow

The Sanapur Original cushion 4.0

with active “Viroclean” virus protection

The innovative finishing additive “Viroclean”, which has been proven to efficiently reduce viral activity, is incorporated into the textile PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover.