Metal beds

Whether classically playful or exceptionally simple in purist design – show your own style in the bedroom as well. Metal beds are available in a wide variety of designs, finishes and heights, enormously stable and durable.

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Some like them romantically playful – others straightforward and modern. Filigree structures – in combination with solid struts and parts – allow for a very special mix of styles. However, all metal beds have one thing in common, they are durable, extremely robust and often companions for decades. Our metal beds are made with precision craftsmanship from hand-forged iron, and are given an individual touch with different paint finishes. Classic black, inconspicuous white, noble silver, in a simple metallic look or even in gaudy, bright colors – it’s up to you.

Metal beds are also faithful companions when your lying and sleeping preferences change, because they are suitable for slatted frames and mattresses as well as built-in box springs or water mattresses. Different seat heights ensure personal comfort and different sizes provide the desired space in the metal four-poster bed.

Our strong brands and high-quality manufacturers in the field of metal beds:

Auping, Dico furniture, Hasena

Auping smart – original metal beds
Design in ten colors, with Auping Connect App

A smart, minimalist bed with clean lines and an elegant look.

Natural and conscious sleep with

vegan blanket and pillow

The Sanapur Original cushion 4.0

with active “Viroclean” virus protection

The innovative finishing additive “Viroclean”, which has been proven to efficiently reduce viral activity, is incorporated into the textile PuraCell® Cosy Soft cover.