Sleep comfortably warm and relieve pressure. The heated water in the mattress provides an almost weightless sleep feeling, promotes blood circulation and avoids and or alleviates back problems. Waterbeds are hygienic and the first choice for allergy sufferers.

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Water is a fascinating and very calming element for many. You can also feel this calming effect in your bedroom with a modern waterbed and benefit from better sleep. For people who complain about pressure points during sleep, allergy sufferers and anyone who is constantly cold in bed, a waterbed is the ideal solution. The filling with heated water results in an almost weightless lying feeling in a comfortably warm environment. The temperature can be infinitely adjusted for each mattress – and the soothing level can also be selected individually for each mattress. The relaxing warmth promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and alleviates back problems. The water mattress supports and relieves the spine in equal measure – making sleep not only restful, but also healthy.

Waterbeds are especially popular with allergy sufferers, as dander does not penetrate the mattress, and thus dust mites cannot settle. A hygienically pure sleep feeling is ensured thereby. Water mattresses can be used in most, existing sleep systems or also freestanding perfectly integrated into your bedroom furnishings.

Our strong brands and high-quality manufacturers in the field of waterbeds:

Atlantis, Bodyform

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