Comfort beds

For people who want to get in and out of bed easily, a comfort bed is just the thing. The bed frame height from 45 centimeters and a mattress with a fixed edge or a sitting edge brings enormous relief. A motor-adjustable grate and an LED night light provide additional maximum comfort. Comfort beds are available in wood or box spring.

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You want to sleep well, get into and out of bed especially comfortably? Then you should take a closer look at our comfort beds. Like all our beds, comfort beds impress with the highest product quality, best workmanship, individual designs and durability.

The special thing about a comfort bed is the bed frame height, which is 40 centimeters and above. This makes it much easier to get in and out of bed – especially for older people, very tall people and people with back, disc or joint problems. Sitting on the bed is also easier on the back and healthier thanks to the high edge of the bed – the legs form approximately a 90-degree angle at the knee, and sitting down and getting up becomes much more comfortable.

Beds with comfort height are available as solid wood beds, upholstered beds, metal beds – and, of course, box spring beds, which are already naturally higher than normal beds – in many designs.

Our strong brands and high-quality manufacturers in the field of comfort beds:

Hasena, Coburger Werkstätten, M&H, Dico, Veldemann Bedding.

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