Air beds

Unimagined sleeping comfort like on clouds. The air chambers provide perfect pressure relief and can be infinitely adjusted in firmness by a remote control. Very suitable for allergy sufferers, as no dust and mites can settle in the depth of the mattress.

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Mattresses with an air chamber system have been used in medicine for quite some time to prevent pressure points and bedsores. Air mattresses are also an ideal solution at home to enjoy a perfect sleeping solution due to the continuously adjustable degree of firmness – and that at any body weight. Mattresses with air core are lightweight, easy to transport and can be integrated into most beds.

The air core is embedded in a sturdy foam frame that runs all the way around and is encased in a matching mattress cover – and the firmness level can be easily regulated by the air supply. When you lie on it, you displace the air with your body in certain places – which supports the body again in other places. In an airbed – just like in a waterbed – you always have a balanced sleeping position, with the right support and relief in the necessary places.

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